Friday, August 31, 2012

July Update

The July figures from the apartment complex look good. Overall, they've dropped a bit from June, but not significantly. June was the sixth consecutive month of increasing total income, so I expected that to end sooner or later. Total income for July dropped by $4,000 and occupancy dipped to 90%. Offsetting the lower income were lower payroll and utility payments, so we had a net gain in monthly profit. However, the property overall was above break-even, which is a first for this year and, if I recall, the first for maybe 1 or 2 years. Good news indeed.

My four hard money loans continue to pay on time. Several other loans my partner has have closed recently and I expect some, if not all, of my loans to be closed soon. Three of them aren't approaching their 1 year due date, but based on past experience with the borrower, the properties are probably up for sale or in escrow right now. One of my loans has actually gone the full 1 year term - something that rarely happens. This note was due this month. Haven't heard any word on a payoff yet though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Millionaire Buys All Foreclosed Properties At County Auction

Saw this story and had to chuckle. An investor bought all 650 properties up for auction in a Detroit suburb recently. He made an offer to buy all of them as a package deal for $4.8 million - the total of the minimum bids of each one. Other investors are pissed, obviously.

This houses were all foreclosed on because of delinquent property taxes and the minimum bid amount represented the amount of taxes owed. I understand the ire of the other investors, but I do think the tax collector running the auction has a point. He says "I have to collect the taxes and that's what I did." He also points out that, while some of the properties are in good condition, some are not. Had the properties sold individually, those in poor condition likely would not have sold at all.

But the part that made me chuckle was near the beginning of the article: "Bill McMachen told Fox News 2 this is his first foray into the real estate business."

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