Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Phoenix Area Birddogs / Wholesalers Wanted!!

I am looking for birddogs and / or wholesalers in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. I am a cash buyer looking to buy houses to flip at retail. No major rehabs (at least, not yet), but some repair work is ok (and to be expected). Email me at 10thAvenueInvestments AT cox DOT net for more info.


Jonell Conyers said...

Still looking for birddogs????

Shaun said...

Always! Email me at 10thavenueinvestments at cox dot net.

bill or said...

Wow !! over 2 years since a post on this thread ... call me and let me know if you are still looking for birddogs 623-845-0972 its ok to publish my # as I am looking to network on Real Estate

Stacey said...

Are you interested in purchasing at trustee sales?

Shaun said...

I usually don't as the competition in my area is pretty fierce there.

greg said...

what is the best way to find birddogs in the Los Angeles area?

Shaun said...

Join a local real estate investor's club. Google shows lots of them.

WholeSalePropertyPhoenix said...

Hi. found you blog.
Real Estate is a trip. I love it! I'm a wholesaler in Phoenix.
I tried emailing at your 10th Street address but it came back undeliverable.
Anyway nice to meet you.
Perhaps we can do some business together. My website Is:
if you sign in then I will be happy to put you on my preferred buyer list...i contact you first with great deals.
Feel free to contact me anytime.

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