Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Still waiting..

This is the most frustrating part - waiting. I'm still waiting for the second half of funding for the LLC to come in. I'm also still waiting for the bank to release the funds from the first half of funding. Even though I brought a cashier's check to the bank, they still put an 11 business day hold on the funds because it was for a new account. This is ridiculous. It was a cashier's check! And with the new Check 21 law that was recently passed, the banks now can clear checks even faster than before. So why do are their customer's still forced to deal with absurdly long hold times?

I'm used to moving quickly and this slowness is driving me nuts.

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The Damned said...

Hello Shaun. I took your advice on RDPD and visited your site....glad I did. First it gave me the itch to blogg for myself and now I'm also interested in learning a bit from you. So I guess you could indirectly be called "Blog Father".
So Don Shaun I'll be visiting your site from time to time and hope over time learen a thing or two. As I read more about your real Estate venture I may be in a position to invest myself, after a little due dilligence and if you'll let me.

Thanks again
D. R.

Shaun said...

"The Blogfather"! I like it! :-) Thanks for the kind words and I hope you get lots of useful stuff from here.

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