Monday, October 10, 2005

This Lender Is Unbelievable!

We were supposed to close Thursday or Friday, but the escrow agent got a call Friday from the lender. Apparently, on one of the loan doc pages, the notary didn't put his stamp in precisely the right place, so the lender wanted that page redone. He also decided he needed a document for the Patriot Act, which is basically a copy of the buyer's driver's license. So a mobile notary was sent to the buyer on Friday and the requested documents were FedEx'd to the lender for morning delivery today. We'll see what they say now. I'm glad I got the $50 per day fee added on. And as soon as I find out this lender's name, I'll let you know so you can have a heads up if you run into them.


Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable! I'll be sure to use that $50 a day clause too!

Thanks for the heads up on that!

"D"igital Breakfast

Steve said...

That's ridiculous. A notary stamp in the wrong place??? Geesh! Evidentally, they don't care about losing $50/day. Incredible.

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