Wednesday, June 21, 2006

House 3: Checkup

I stopped by the property yesterday morning just to check on it. Everything looked OK. There were no broken windows, the window AC unit was still there. The outside porch light was on, but I left it on, figuring it may be playing a role in keeping vandals at bay. My two desk lamps were still there and the timers they are connected to were still working and set to the right time. The laundry room door was unlocked, so some potential buyers must have been through looking at the place and forgot to lock it after checking the back yard.

I also picked up some trash and newspapers in the front yard. I hate those free newspapers that get delivered each week! If you don't pick them up, you might as well stick a big VACANT sign on the lawn. In an attempt to avoid another weed incident, I also sprayed weed killer on some weeds in the front and back. The heat is killing most of them, but there were some that looked surprisingly healthy. I have no idea where they are finding water to grow.

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