Thursday, August 03, 2006

House 3: Signing Tomorrow!!

Woo-hoo! The title company received the loan docs and we are scheduled to sign tomorrow morning! The buyer is signing at 8 AM and I am signing at 9 AM. The title company will courier the loan docs to the buyer's lender in hopes that they will fund the loan tomorrow afternoon. If not, it'll have to wait until Monday. (Damn - I didn't catch that the closing date was a Friday!) But all is good!

As usual, I found one error on the preliminary HUD statement. This time, it was in my favor, but I still faxed the title company a correction. They had the sales commission listed as 4%, but we raised it to 5% (4% to the buyer's agent) after the first escrow fell through.

A very quick check of the figures shows I should make somewhere around $6,000 from this deal. Pretty crappy in terms of ROI, but considering all that happened, it's nice to see I should still make a profit. I'll post a more detailed accounting after the funds are in my account and I have a chance to do a full analysis.

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