Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Phoenix Area Radio REI Show

Gregg Reichman of Active Finance Group will be on KFNX 1100 AM today and every Wednesday for the next 3 months from 2 PM to 3 PM. He will be discussing current real estate market conditions, wholesale real estate, foreclosures, and hard money financing. If you want to call in and talk to him, the number is 602-277-KFNX (5369). Active Finance Group is closely affiliated with Both companies specialize in foreclosures and wholesale properties in the greater Phoenix area.


prlinkbiz said...

Stu, our friends are flipping away in Tucson- it's rocking!

Anonymous said...

web stream?

Shaun said...

Their website is There is a link to listen in the upper right hand corner. They will be on for three months. Keep in mind Arizona does not observe daylight savings time, so at the end of October, when the rest of the country sets their clocks back, we do not.

PeterV said...

How do you choose your guests?

Peter Vekselman

Shaun said...

I don't choose the guests. I have nothing to do with either company or the radio show. I'm just passing on the info

prlinkbiz said...

Well, we vote for Adventures in REI radio show!

chris said...


I thought I would leave a comment and let you know that I am over at


Chris Eymann

Shaun said...

Hey Chris!

If anyone is interested, I can vouch for Chris. He's the one that got me started in real estate and is the co-worker I wrote about here. He is a man of integrity.

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