Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shaun's Real Estate Adventures Honored

I am pleased to report that this blog was selected as one of The Top 35 Real Estate Blogs by, a special interest media and publishing company focused on real estate investing. The list was posted at the end of August, so this might be old news to some, but I just found out about it :-) Thanks to BiggerPockets for the honor! Their site has a blog plus lots of other good stuff and I recommend taking the time to see what they've got to offer.


Steve said...

Congrats, Shaun! I noticed my blog made the list as well, but for the life of me can't understand why (unless I just like to write a lot). I'd rather have one post every 3-4 months and lots of deals than 1-2 deals a year and lots of posts. :-(

prlinkbiz said...

Very cool Stu! Thanks for the Link!

jim said...

Shaun, congrats on the mention, you deserve it... are you going to pick up any other projects in the near future and have stuff to write more often? I enjoy reading your blog (as you probably know) and miss the frequency you had when you were doing that last house.

Congrats again!

Shaun said...

Thanks. I am planning on getting another property soon. I had to wait a bit because my investors wanted to put some more money into the project and it wasn't available yet. It should be available any day now. Of course, holiday season is approaching too and things tend to slow down then. Well, actually, things get more hectic, but REI stuff tends to slow down :-) I'm starting to look for deals a little more actively now.

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