Monday, January 08, 2007

Blast From The Past - Potential Credit Problem

One thing I dislike about living in the West is that many times the companies I have to deal with a headquartered back East and by the time I get home and check my mail, their offices are closed. As someone who likes to jump on problems and get them resolved right away, it frustrates me to be forced to wait until the following day to respond to something I received in the mail. Today is a good example.

I got a letter from a collection agency who claims that I owe the city of Danbury, Connecticut just over $400. This completely boggles my mind. I've never been late on any bill and have spent a great deal of effort to keep my credit spotless. I have no idea what this could be referring to. The letter references a city tax, not state tax, so it's not some error in my old income taxes. I left Connecticut in January or 1998. Furthermore, I never owned property there - I was a renter - so it can't be some sort of property tax that I owe. I don't know what other tax the city, not the state, might collect.

I called the collection agency and got a recording. Even though the recording said they were open until 8 PM, still no one answered, so it looks like I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what this is about.


Anonymous said...

not to change subject but.........

what is your opinion on international real estate investing?

Shaun said...

I do not know enough about the subject to have any kind of opinion on it. My first thoughts would be that it could be difficult to manage and you would need a management team that you could really trust the in country you are investing in. That's if you are going to be a landlord. If you want to just buy vacant land or to invest in a mutual fund or REIT that specializes in out of country real estate, that's another story. I expect things would be easier, but again, I have no knowledge in this area and therefore, I have no opinion.

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