Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spoke With Property Manager

I got a call this morning from my property manager. She said she was following up and wanted to make sure I got my rent check. Well, it's a bit late to be returning the voicemail I left over a week ago, but at least she did return the call. I told her I got the check on the 24th and that I know she said her accounting department was running behind last month, but I hoped it wasn't always going to be that late. She said the checks normally go out between the 10th and the 15th, but agreed that the 24th was a bit late. Then she added "...although it was only 10 days late." I pointed out that 10 days is a third of a month! She said "Yes." and then there was silence. I think she got the picture that I didn't think 10 days late was acceptable.

The request for a rent increase for Rental #2 was submitted to Section 8. We're going to see if we can get $460 a month for it, up from $439. There are some repairs that need to be done to the property (paid for by the seller) and Section 8 needs to reinspect it to make sure it still qualifies for the Section 8 program. Some of the repairs had to be delayed because the tenant didn't pay her water bill and water was shut off. The property manager told her she needed to pay the bill or she would be evicted. The bill was paid by the next day. Once the repairs are done and the property has been reapproved for Section 8, we should be able to close escrow. We were originally scheduled to close at the end of this month, but that may get pushed back, depending on the Section 8 work.


Anonymous said...

"It was only 10 days late"

10 days??

Tell her this: If the tennant was 10 days late w/ the check you'd have started eviction procedures. Ask her why it should be any different if the PM is late.

Shaun said...

I love it!

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