Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Ebook Is Available!

I'm pleased to announce my ebook, A Flipper's Diary, is finished and now available for purchase! What does it contain? I'm glad you asked!

I've taken two of my flipping projects that I've presented here and presented them in chronological order (unlike the reverse chronological order of the blog) and added additional comments and information that I have learned since I worked on those first projects. I've also included a glossary with definitions of terms you are likely to encounter in this business. These terms are conveniently hyperlinked for quick look-ups. The book is 150 pages long and includes many full color "before and after" photos of the projects. It also contains full financial details of each project, including my costs and profits. Like this blog, the book is written with the beginning investor in mind.

You can purchase the book using a credit card or PayPal by simply clicking the Buy Now button above. After purchase, you will be immediately emailed a link to download the book. The cost is just $29.98!

Price reduction!!! I've lowered the price of this book over 50%!! Buy it now for just $12.95! Click the button above to securely purchase using a credit card or PayPal!

This ebook is now available exclusively through Amazon at a reduced price of just $3.49.


S said...

Cool! If I were you Shaun, I'd snag the domain name that matches your book's title TODAY and create a landing page for it TODAY.

myrtle beach condos said...

looks like it will be an awesome book. I'm saving your page to come back later to possibly buy one

Mr Mogul said...

This looks like a good read.

Anonymous said...

link doesn't appear to work. there is no ebook to buy after creating a account

Shaun said...

Yeah, I shut down that store because it wasn't generating enough traffic. If you want to buy it, leave me your email in a comment (I won't publish it) and I'll give you a Paypal account to send $12.95 to. Once I get that, I'll email you the ebook. Sorry for the hassle.

Anonymous said...

Ah man,

2012 and they're all gone! Ha.

Anonymous said...

Might send ya an email though!

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