Friday, May 01, 2009

Free Annual Credit Report Time!

It's that time of year again - time to get free copies of my and my wife's credit reports. Normally, I spread the requests throughout the year, getting one report from each of the three credit reporting agencies every four months, so I have fairly continuous monitoring. Last year, I was a bit lazy and did not request any reports. I had previously reviewed the reports and corrected all the errors, so I wasn't too concerned about what was on there anymore. About 1.5 years ago ago, however, my wife had her purse stolen and some checks were forged and bounced in her name. We went through the whole process of reporting the theft to the police and to the credit agencies. I also went so far as to request a credit freeze on her report from all three agencies. Although I submitted all the paperwork for that, I never got any confirmation back from any of the companies that the freeze was actually enacted. (They eventually caught the woman writing bad checks and she was charged. Unfortunately, we learned that she was released on bail and then never showed up for her court date.)

Today, I received confirmation of the freeze. I was able to get copies of my credit reports without problems, but all three companies denied my request for copies of my wife's report. I can still get copies, but I need to do it via mail and provide copies of identification documents.

My reports from TransUnion and Equifax were correct. The one from Experian only contained one error and a minor one at that - they showed one mortgage as still open (albeit with a zero balance). This mortgage was actually sold to another company, so it shoould show up as closed. I filed a dispute online and I should get notified of the results by email within a couple of weeks.

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