Monday, July 13, 2009

That Was Quick

We got the payoff demand for hard money loan #7 today. That didn't even last two months. Oh well. Better than no money. And we knew going in that this would be a short one. Escrow should close in a day or two. I'll letting my partner keep my funds again for the next deal.


prashant said...

yes.i completely agree with this idea.
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Scott Costello said...

I was just turned on to this blog by someone at and it looks interesting. Look forward to reading more of your posts

jose said...

Wow...That was pretty short! do you guys lend in Florida? I have some good deals and need some hard money..


Shaun said...

Lately, it's been all in the CA area with people we know. But if the deal is good enough, we're probably open to lending anywhere.

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