Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Two Loans Closing This Week

Hard money loan #12 is closing today. This one only lasted two months. That’s the shortest loan I’ve made in a while, possibly ever. The borrower almost got a discount for paying it off so quickly. The standard loan note my partner uses generally provides incentives for early payoff if made within 30 days of funding or 60 days of funding. The 60 day cutoff was June 5, so the borrower missed getting a $3,560 discount by 3 days.

Hard money loan #11 is still scheduled to close on Friday.

Got my first check from hard money loan #13 today. This is the one that I’m using my self-directed IRA for. I must say, I’m pretty happy. That one payment is already more than my traditional IRA that is invested in the stock market has made this year. Of course, I still need to recoup the costs of setting up the self-directed IRA, so technically, I’m still in the hole on this one. But getting a check each month feels a lot better than helplessly watching the stock market gyrate.

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Jason said...

You know what they say about "almost"? Only counts in horse shoes and marbles!!

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