Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rolling Along

Nothing much new has been happening on the investment property front. My hard money loans are being paid on time. Operations at the Houston apartment complex were essentially unchanged for September (the last month I have data for) from August. As I mentioned after the last investor conference call, the property is currently losing money, but things are slowly turning around. Management expects a return to profitability in early 2011 and a resumption of investor payments at that time. I think some of the other investors are getting impatient for distributions to start again - management sent out a notice today reiterating what they said in the yearly conference call. I guess many of the investors were not on that call so didn't know the situation.

The property behind hard money loan #15 will be ready to be listed in about 2 weeks. Back when our borrower first got the property at a foreclosure auction, it was still inhabited by the prior owners and their brood - a total of 8 adults, 2 kids, and 3 dogs. The prior owner wanted $6,000 and 1.5 months to move out. We offered $1,500 and 4 weeks. He came back and asked for $3,000. We told him no way. He threatened to take all the windows when he left. I've now found out that we did have to hire an attorney to file a suit to get him out, but as soon as he was served, he moved out without damaging the property. It cost $900 for the attorney, so we saved $600 over what we had offered him and he got nothing from us.

The property for hard money loan #14 is still on the market. It went up for sale in mid-August for $499,000. Our borrower has dropped the price now to $475,000. If I was the seller, I'd drop the price more to sell it quickly, but as long as the borrower keeps paying, let him list it for whatever he wants :-) Even with the price reduction, he's got close to a $100,000 profit waiting for him when it sells.

I don't know the current status of the property behind hard money loan #13, but I received another payment on the loan yesterday, so it's current.

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Clifford said...

This just proves how dumb some people can be.

For someone who has no money, $1500 would be a gift from the heavens. But they got greedy and wanted more.

$1500 would go a long ways to getting them setup someplace else.

But in the end: it worked out best for you.

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