Thursday, June 09, 2011

Off Topic Follow Up

Although I never heard back from "Al" after my last email, I did get a new spam message today that made me laugh:

Dear Beneficiary;
We are mandated to transfer you the total sum of $250,000Usd via Western 
Union by the United Nations,ECOWAS and the Nigeria Government/World Bank to 
compensate you on the past experience had with  scammers and internet 
fraudsters, I have on a good authority email you the MTCN and sender's 
details to enable you pick up the first $5,000.00,USD and confirm receipt to 
us so as to enable us wire the next USD10,000.00 by tomorrow and subsequent 
ones since we can only send USD10,000.00 a day . Please provide Your Names, 
Address, Phone Number,Country of Residence  to enable us process your first 
payment of $5,000Usd within the next 24Hours. Sender: Andy Wong, MTCN 839-309-
contact Info;
Mr.Paul Chavez
Online Director/claims agent.
Waiting to hear from you soon.


Danny Johnson said...

I remember a website about 10 years ago that scammed the scammers. They ended up getting them to pay them money. It was hilarious. They also made them take pictures next to these symbols that clearly resembled male genitalia. Wish I could remember which site it was.

After he received money from the scammers he sent them a photoshopped picture of him with the money with the aftermath of a big party and a lot of stuff that clearly shows it was all a prank.

Vancouver Real Estate said...

Oh boy, I love these emails. I guess some people must fall for them, otherwise they wouldn't keep sending them!


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