Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is The Term "Master Bedroom" Politically Incorrect?

I came across this article today that says the term master bedroom is being phased out of real estate listings due to its connotations of gender and race inequalities. It's being replaced with terms like owner's suite or owner's bedroom.

Is anyone else out there noticing this?


joetaxpayer said...

I guess I never thought this word racist. One masters a skill, as in Master Carpenter.
We are getting to a crazy point in time with political correctness, no words are safe.

Shaun said...

I don't know that I would say it's outright racist, but it could be seen as insensitive at the least. Not only are there the connotations of master/slave, but there is also the sexist connotation of the past where the "master" of the house was always the male. That one is more directly related to real estate, so I would argue that would be the negative association more likely to be inferred.

Hal Cranmer said...

I never thought about it this way. I would think in many houses the wife is the 'master' of the house (Mistress bedroom has way too many 'other' connotations:)). She is the one who usually decides which house to buy, and how to decorate it.

Despite my inner thoughts on this, it may be worth remembering to leave the term 'master' out of my advertising whether I am renting out, selling or looking for lease option buyers. Thanks for the tip.

Mobile Home Gurl said...

Wow, this is news to me Shaun!! I never thought of it that way — it's kind of weird. I have a feeling this is going to cause a bit more confusion in the marketplace with potential homebuyers than anything else. Thanks for sharing!

NSW retirement villages said...

Oh, never had thought of it that way! Sounds very new to me. Thanks for the great share!

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