Monday, March 31, 2014

February Apartment Update

Things continue to cruise right along at the Houston apartment complex. Occupancy remained the same as last month at 96%. Total revenue was $201,000, a small decline over January's $204,000. Cash flow was a positive $12,000 for the month. The $6,000 drop in cash flow over January was due to our lender not collecting the appropriate amount for escrow. They need to collect a bit extra for a while, then the escrow amount will drop back to normal. The good news is that, even with the temporarily increase escrow collection, the property's cash flow is still $27,000 over budget. Granted, it's only the second month of the year, but that's a good sign.

No word on the sale of the property, which I am taking to be good news. It's in escrow and things are, I assume, moving along without major problems. I believe it's scheduled to close escrow mid- to late- April.

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