Friday, July 30, 2004

Those damn dishwasher installers!

7/21/04 Afternoon

After a trip to the house, I discover the dishwasher still isn’t fixed. I call the delivery company, furious. The receptionist, who apparently is also an expert in dishwasher operation, informs me that it couldn’t possibly be an installation issue because dishwashers use more water than what has collected in the bottom of the unit. Therefore, I need to call GE and have them send a repairman out. Further, since the installers said it was working correctly, it must be. I explain the installers didn’t stay for a whole cycle to run and she says they don’t have the time for that. She can’t explain how they can be 100% sure it was working correctly if they didn’t stay for all the cycles. She gets snippy and I ask to speak to her supervisor. She’s no better, also insisting that, since their installers said it was working, it was and therefore they won’t send them back out. She also says she is the one who picks up voicemail messages but never got mine from Saturday. I’m livid.

I end up calling GE, who sends someone out the next day. Turns out the problem is, in fact, the installation. The dishwasher drainage line connects to the garbage disposal. However, the disposal has a punch-out at the connection point. This allows you to use the disposal if you don’t have a dishwasher. If you do connect a dishwasher, you need to knock out the punch-out so water can drain. They didn’t knock out the punch-out. I write a letter to the owner of the company and fax it to her. I also send a copy via mail to the company address on file with the state corporation commission. I copy Home Depot on this. I get a call from a very nice lady at Home Depot. They are deeply concerned about the behavior of this contractor. I hope they stop using them. I never receive a response to my letter from the company.

I do some research with the city. They have a bulk item garbage collection next week. Sweet! I haul the dishwasher out to the street for pickup. Unfortunately, they don’t say which day the pickup is, so I’ve got to leave it out all week. Oh well. Beats paying $100 to have it hauled away.

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