Friday, July 30, 2004


I decided to start this blog as a mirror to my blog on the website. That can be found in the Insiders Access area (membership is required). That site, unfortunately, only allows me to post - readers cannot post comments or questions. Since I feel a big part of the blogging experience is feedback from readers, I started this blog, where comments are allowed. My posts will be the same on the two sites, so if you just read one, you won't miss anything.

I have only limited real estate experience and it's my hope that as I gain more, I can share it with those who have less than me. I hope to show those who want to get into this business that it's not as hard as you might think. The biggest hurdle to get over is simply taking the first step.

A quick summary of my situation: about two years ago, I purchased a house from a foreclosure auction, leased it out with a lease-purchase agreement for two years, and am now selling it to get some cash. This is my story :-)



Anonymous said...

Excellent blog.

Could you please post more details about your buying of the property? I'd like to get more info about how you found the place, how you calculated the price to offer, how you paid for it, financing alternatives, etc, etc.

Shaun said...

Sorry. I always planned on going into the details of my purchase but it's something of a long story, so I've been putting it off. I'll try to get it posted here quickly..

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