Sunday, September 26, 2004

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

I went to the Phoenix Home and Garden Show yesterday and picked up a couple of copies of a magazine called Personal Real Estate Investor. The cover price is $5.95, but they were giving them away for free at the show. I must say, I was pretty impressed with it. The magazine focuses mainly on the Phoenix area and it run by people who actually a real estate investors. They have good articles about the Phoenix market and emerging growth areas, as well as buying properties for flipping and for renting. There is an emphasis on buying properties below market value. They also have fix up tips and stories. Another plus for the magazine is its advertisers. You'll find plenty of companies who will do investor loans, 100% LTV loans, property management services, 1031 exchanges, and other real estate related activities. (I found a company that will install new carpet and doesn't require payment until the property is sold - very nice for conserving cash during rehabs!) But what I think is the best feature is on the last page of each issue - their "Little Black Book." This is a list of companies that the editors recommend. The recommendations are based on personal experience - not all companies are advertisers and the editors have personal experience with all the companies listed.

The magazine's website is at Unfortunately, there aren't articles on the site, but you can order back issues and subscribe. Their Little Black Book, however, is online. If you are interested in real estate investing in the Phoenix area, this magazine is worth a look.

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Anonymous said...

This magazine is mostly advertisements and the few articles they have are elementary. Don't waste your time with this one!

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