Saturday, October 02, 2004

Slow week

It's been a slow week. It seems like I've come down with a sore throat - probably something a bit worse, since it's sapped most of my strength. So I've been trying to take it easy and avoid passing whatever this is on to my wife and daughter.

My next LLC for flipping properties should be underway soon. My investors just listed a property and once that sells, they'll use the funds for my project. Average time to sell in their area is 16 days and figure a 30 day escrow on top of that, so it looks like right around Thanksgiving I'll be rolling again.

In addition to that, my savings are almost up to the point were it will be feasible for me to look into getting another rental soon.

Stay tuned!

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~ said...

Nice RE blog!

The US seems to be full of RE opportunties, more so than here in Australia (where for 95%+ properties it is almost impossible to find a property that mortgage is covered by the rent - yes even rural properties - like 6+ hrs. away from a city).

The fortune article sounds very interesting (though I can only read the first page)

Oh and I added your blog to my blog links page...
though it seems there are very few R.E. investing blogs out there....

Do you know of John Burley's work with wraps, subject to's and MatthewCs work with Lease Options? Were using the strategies here in Aust with great success.


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