Thursday, January 05, 2006

Condo Sold - But Not To Me

I got home last night and did not have a fax waiting for me, so I guess the condo I made an offer on yesterday was sold to someone else. I'm going to watch the MLS listing for a month or so to see what the final selling price was. (That data only shows up once the sale is final.)


ocrenter said...

Shaun, that may be a blessing in disguise. Phoenix listings just increased by 1,100 in the last 3 days.

Shaun said...

Yeah, but I think the majority of that can be attributed to people waiting until after the holidays to put their house up for sale.

ocrenter said...

you are right, there was a slow down of inventory increase during the holiday.

oh, I got to revise the inventory numbers.

1,500 new listings in the last 4 days.

Total inventory now stands at 28,224

Gregory said...


A bit of a tangent, but how do you search MLS listings. I thought I needed a Realtor to do that?

Shaun said...

There are several sites on the web that let you search the MLS. In fact, my local newspaper's website has this capability and some local Realtors have opened up their websites to allow MLS searches. I actually use a couple different sites because they all seem to provide different search options and return different info. For example, one site only shows one picture, but another will show all the pictures in the listing. One shows the address, one doesn't. Just do a web search and try out a couple different sites to find a couple that work for you.

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