Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So Tired

I'm currently going through one of those times when everything seems to happen at once. I've spent the last four days (including the weekend) at work preparing for a big merge of two computer networks. That happened Monday and it was crazy all day with issues that had to be resolved. My in-laws were also visiting last weekend plus, we had some yard work to do that we had been putting off for weeks. I've been too busy to even look at properties. I feel so out of the loop now. But I suppose the good news is that with each day that passes, the market here turns more and more from a seller's market to a buyer's market. The number of MLS listings continues to rise and the number of sales continues to fall.


ocrenter said...

did you read rich dad's several articles about the impending bust? I'm with him in believing that it would truly be a REI's paradise. Judging from the way the inventory is looking, we are not far away.

5,000 additional inventory for Phoenix in 3 weeks. that's just nuts!!

1/2: 26,715
1/10: 28,790
1/14: 30,279
1/20: 31,457
1/23: 31,766

Taiwanjack said...

Hey Shaun,
No worries man. Keep up the good work you are doing here.
One of my friend actually thought New Orleans commercial properties would be a great buy right now. Any thoughts on that? Or are you staying local?

I just recently started blogging. I work at a hedge fund, but would like to get into REI. This is a first for me.


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