Wednesday, July 05, 2006

House 3: Security Update

I stopped by the property this morning on the way to work. We had a monsoon last night with not a lot of rain, but lots of wind, at least where I live, and wanted to make sure the property was ok. I also needed to make my weekly visit to check on it and make sure it hasn't been broken into again. The fact that I had a dream a couple nights ago that someone had broken in and graffiti-ed the inside also had me a bit nervous.

I was pleased to see everything looked good. Over the weekend, I used the free $25 Lowes gift card I got when I bought the stove to purchase another padlock for the back gate and five paper temporary window blinds. I now have window coverings on all the front-facing windows and all the windows on the side of the house. I need about 4 more blinds to cover the windows in the back of the house, but I'm not as concerned about those as I was about the ones in the front.

Looking back, I think the backyard is where people were getting into the house. Of course, the window they got in through was facing the backyard, but I finally realized that, because there is an alley behind the house, vandals were probably getting in through the gate in the backyard. The gate is rather large and has two openings. The whole thing slides open wide enough so you can drive a car in. This is how the stolen car got in. The other gate is a standard width gate set into the sliding portion. The last time I was there, I only locked the sliding gate because I only had one padlock. The pedestrian gate I did not lock, but there was a latch that I shut and the only way someone could unlatch it would be to break through the fence. Since the fence has wooden slats, this is a possibility. So this time I also put a lock on the pedestrian gate so it could not be opened either. The backyard is also fairly large, so I don't think you could look over the fence into the uncovered windows and see the place was empty with a fair degree of certainty. Either way, I am still going to put some more blinds up, but all in all, I feel better about the security of the place. Also, the blinds give the house much better curb appeal.

Unfortunately, the streets in the neighborhood are still all torn up for construction, so buyer traffic may suffer. The house next door, which is being remodeled, has wood over the front windows one of the pieces of wood has had a big face spray painted on it. That probably won't help my place sell either.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear there's been no more break-in's! Hopefully the next time it's broken into will be after it's sold, and the responsibility will fall with the sucker that buys it, and not you! Good luck, Shaun, keep your head-up. This will work itself out; remember, Real Estate only goes up!

Anonymous said...

In response to the other comment:
* please tone down the sarcasm
* hopefully the place is never broken into again regardless of who owns it
* whoever buys the property will likely be an owner occupant and will not face the same
risks of having a vacant property

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a fellow Arizonan blogging about REI. Sorry about your problems with this house. Hopefully, it will be sold soon. It looks great compared to the Befores.

Are you a REI and a texas holdem player? (saw your other poker blog )... me too. We love to gamble. LOL

Shaun said...

I play Hold 'Em a bit online, but I do not have a poker blog. Must have been someone else... Sorry! But thanks for the kinds words!

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous #2,
* I was not being at all sarcastic. Why would you think that? You think that Real Estate can go down?
* You're right, hopefully, the place will never be broken into again. Actually, I hope none of the homes in that area ever get broken into. Hell, let's just hope that no houses in the entire world ever have a break-in! Hopefully all crime will come to an abrupt halt.

Anesia said...

Hey Shaun,

No doubt about the graffiti concern! I once had that happen where some upset tenants that were evicted decided to spray paint the inside of the apartment on their way out. Spent a weekend repainting it (luckily it covered) then a day later before we got the locks changed they came back and did it all over again. This time with paint that kept bleeding through, despite several attempts with Kilz. We had to replace the drywall. Lesson learned: change locks immediately.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome for you from the other side of the valley.


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