Friday, April 13, 2007

Loan Doc Errors

Last night, I got the loan docs for the refi of Rental #1 and the purchase of Rental #2. There were errors galore:

  • In both packages, the last digit of my wife's social security number was wrong.
  • In both packages, the Rate Lock Agreement does not list a lock-in start or expiration date.
  • In the package for Rental #2, my wife's last name is spelled incorrectly on every page. (Since she has the same last name as me, I don't see how mine could be right and hers wrong.)
I spoke with the mortgage broker this morning and he said his originals are correct but the copies made by his assistant and sent to me are incorrect. I find this doubtful, but whatever... He said to go ahead and manually correct the errors and sign and send the papers backs. I'll go ahead and do that. Since these are just applications and not actual recorded documents, I'm fine with that. However, if these errors show up on future paperwork, there is no way I will sign them until they are corrected.

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