Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Verification Of Mortgage (Updated)

I got an email from my mortgage broker last night regarding the refi of Rental #1. He said the current mortgage for Rental #1 does not show up on my credit report, so he would need me to fill out a Verification Of Mortgage form.

There are two reasons the loan doesn't show up on my credit report: 1) It's in the name of my LLC, not me personally. 2) I have not reported any payments to any credit agencies. If you recall, this is a mortgage from one of my LLCs to another and no bank is involved. I haven't reported any payments, although I suppose I could if I wanted to establish credit for my LLC.

Anyway, I emailed the broker back and asked what exactly a Verification Of Mortgage is. After all, I've already sent him a copy of the actual mortgage, complete with the county recorder's filing stamps on it. I've also already sent a payoff letter to the escrow company. I can't imagine what other verification he would need. No response so far.

Update: Turns out a Verification Of Mortgage means the new lender wants something from the old lender showing that the payments were made on time, the loan is current, etc.

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