Monday, December 09, 2013

Funny Article

I was reading some news stories that mentioned one of the REIT stocks I own, and came across this piece on The Motley Fool. Now, given the source, it's somewhat obvious that it will be biased towards stock ownership over rental property, but I thought it did provide a good example of what the typical first time landlord thinks - not too concerned with cashflow, relying on appreciating property values, no thought or budgeting towards maintenance costs, etc.


Mark Reese said...

Oh how familiar this sounds. Originally, myself many years ago. (Hopefully I have learned a few things!) And more recently with many of the clients I have worked with as a real estate agent and property manager. Thanks for the laugh

Veronica said...

Hey Shaun,
Great article.Thanks for sharing.Keep it up.Hoping many more interesting thins from your blog this year.

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