Thursday, December 05, 2013

Houston Apartment October 2013 Update

The numbers for October are in and things are still looking good. Occupancy remained at 94%. Rental income reached a high for the year, coming in $1,000 over September, which was the previous high for the year. Overall income dipped slightly due to some higher administrative expenses that consisted of once time charges. Year to date, the net income for the property is $100,000 over budget. (!)

As I mentioned before, the property is up for sale. I had a talk with the managing partner (of our investment group, not the property) a while ago and he mentioned that the property does need a little bit of work to bring it back up to being a highly desirable location for tenants (which isn't to say it's a pit right now). We did some renovation when we bought the property, but with the multi-year economic downturn, management didn't have the funds to keep adding amenities. As a result, at least one of the potential buyers we are talking to has indicated they plan to put about $1 million into improvements if they end up as the owners. That's good news for the tenants. Of course, now that the property is performing well, we have the option to not sell the property and invest in making improvements ourselves. However, that would require raising additional capital from the owners (us) and our managing partner told me he spoke with the largest shareholders in the property and they did not want to invest any more money. So the property is up for sale. I can't really blame them. I also miss getting the quarterly distribution checks and can understand wanting to get back into something that produces income on a regular basis.

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