Monday, February 14, 2005

House 4 Update

Just noticed the selling price on the property has dropped from $57,000 to $53,300. This is lower than the owner's counter offer to me last week, although still above my offer price. This one bears watching.


Tom (AKA) MrOptions said...

Hi Shaun

Great Blogg.

Do you know anything about a company call

If you do could you please give me any information about them because I was thinking about looking into trying to purchase some of the homes they have available.

Again,great Blogg and keep us informed.

Shaun said...

Yes, I know about them. In fact, Chris Eymann, one of the principals, is the person I used to work with in my "real" job and he's the one who found my first rental property for me (this was before he joined and is the co-worker I mentioned in the post "The long story of how I got started" (see "Key Posts" sidebar for link). He's a great guy and very honest and helpful. I have no resevations at all about working with him. His wife is my real estate agent and the same goes for her.

I have been on's mailing list for some time now, but it was only 2 weeks ago that I tried to buy a property from this company. (It was House 2, which I wrote about at If you recall, this was the house that was sold within 1.5 hours of me getting the announcement it was available, so it may be difficult to get a property from them due to high demand. They do have a guarranteed buy back program, which is nice insurance for the new investor.

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