Thursday, April 13, 2006

House 3: Another Update

I met with the carpet guy today. He's going to measure the house and fax me a quote. (I didn't want to wait around while he measured.)

The painter was there painting away. The handyman wasn't there though.

Things are shaping up. The window A/C unit in the converted carport has been replaced, which included building a new support for it. The front door has been replaced. The side gate has been replaced. The kitchen counter and sink have been replaced, although I wasn't able to get a look at them since they were covered with plastic by the painter. The kitchen cabinets have been painted and they look pretty good. The car in the backyard has been removed (!!) along with the old engine, weight lifting equipment, and other large items left there. All the appliances have been removed. The huge dumpster that was parked in the driveway is gone. The windows have all been papered over by the painter and my handyman and I decided to leave them that way until I put the house on the market. Hopefully, it will deter thieves. The bathroom window where they broke in has been boarded up, but not yet replaced.

Things left to do include some work on the outside of the house, painting the gate in the front yard, new vinyl flooring, and carpet. I'll have to check my list, but I think that's it. Oh, and it needs a new stove, but that's not a big deal and has to wait for the new flooring anyway.

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