Monday, April 24, 2006

House 3: Finished This Week?

Saturday morning, I received an email from my handyman saying the vinyl flooring was being installed Tuesday and that was the last thing on his list. Good news! I have the carpet installation scheduled for Thursday and the only thing left is a new stove. I tried picking that up Saturday, but the store I was at was too far away from the delivery address for their free delivery, so I have to go to a closer location tomorrow. They say they have next day delivery, so I should still be on track to have the place completed this week. I'm going to email my Realtor so she can get everything ready - we might be able to get the property listed in time for the weekend!

On another note, I started reading How To Buy And Sell Apartment Buildings By Eugene Vollucci. This book was recommended to me by a local apartment investor I met during the Rich Dad Weekend Get Together. I only made it a couple of pages before I had to stop, but it's sounding good so far.

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