Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cabinet Update 2

I never got a status phone call last night from Joe, so I called him today. When he finally answered, he said he was at the property and was making sure everything was ready for the cabinet guys this afternoon. He also volunteered to haul away some garbage that was in the carport - some old wood that was replaced when the back porch was rescreened and some old blinds. That was a nice gesture.

I've been calling Joe all day today - about every 30 minutes since 9:00 AM. I suspected he was avoiding my calls because he's got a cell phone with Caller ID and he never answered. He also doesn't have voicemail. Well, when he did answer this time, he mentioned he had another number he would give me to use since the phone I was calling on he usually leaves in his truck. So he could be telling the truth or he could be snowing me. I guess it doesn't matter as long as he was at the house today working.

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Trisha#1 said...

Well, knowing how contractors are, he's probably feeding you a little white lie. He most likely just didn't want to talk to you. My own partner used to do remodeling, and he lets me in on little trade secrets like that.

Then again, not everyone's totally unprofessional. I guess you'll see how well he answers the phone number he gave you.

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