Monday, May 23, 2005

Now Here's A Shocker!

Got a call from the cabinet guy and guess what? Delayed again! He said his guys told him they wouldn't be done by 4 PM today. He's gonna call me in the morning with a time to meet tomorrow. He sounded very dejected. As Trisha noted, it will be interesting to see if he will really pay me the now $600 he owes me.


Scott said...

Hey Shaun,

At this point if he doesn't pay you the 6 bones, I would ding his license - if he is licensed that is.

It doesn’t matter how dejected he sounds, at this point he should be humiliated.

Keep up the good work.


Jerry said...

I hope the work is done Tuesday, as this has been a long time coming.


Anonymous said...

I no longer deal with contractors and sub-contractors because of all the problems. I'm an experienced engineer and I've built everything from race cars to rockets, so I can do every job in a house myself. I can also engineer anything and solve problems. Of course, since I'm 68 now, I don't like to do those things myself I hire 'slaves' (illegals at the shopping center) for $10/hr and provide all the tools and materials and supervision. Experience has taught me how to measure out every job in one-day completion units. Any slave who doesn't work out in 2 hrs goes back to the shopping center. I work purely for myself and when I resell a house (here on the SF peninsula) everybody loves the esthetic and homey qualities and I get good prices.

Subs are often incompetent at their trades as well as poor businessmen. Plus they cost too much. Materials and tools are so cheap now that I can afford to screw something up and it costs me little: just tear it out and re-do. Subs always try to get you to do something that's unnecessary, expensive and esthetically peculiar. And you can't tell them anything.

As it happens, the house I'm sitting in right now has IKEA Adel cabinets that I happened to install myself and they are gorgeous. And it was pretty easy: the hardest thing about IKEA is the tedium of screwing the things together, so I had my foster daughter do it for a few bucks, then I cut and mounted the granite tops and hung the walls. When I sell this place in a couple months (I'm staying in it now for the great swimming pool) I'll profit many times the $3000 I put into IKEA flat packs.

I worked in industry for 40 years and the hardest thing to do is get a skilled worker to do his job right.


Anonymous said...

Shaun, at this point it has been 45 days since your cabinets were suppose to be in. I agree with the others in saying 'fire' the guy. There is no excuse and he really isnt interested in completing your job. Go get your money back and put the cabinets up yourself. It's not hard to do, you can knock it out in a day easily. Really, give it a try! I just did 2 kitchens last month. It's just lifting, drilling, screwing and leveling.

Trisha#1 said...

Hey, Shaun,

What's happening with your cabinet situation? Give us an update when you get the chance.



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