Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Another Cashflow Day

Yesterday I received a payment check from Google Ads for $130.00. This brings the total I have received from them to $255.00 over about 9 months. Thanks to all the blog readers who made it possible by clicking on the ads!


Trisha#1 said...

Hey, Shaun,

Have you ever been able to figure out how much they pay per click? I haven't gotten a check yet myself. But, that info isn't available on their site anywhere.

Shaun said...

It's variable and, from what I understand, it depends on how much the advertiser has paid. Google's Terms of Service prohibit talking about click through rates or other statistics related to the program (other than gross payment amounts you receive), so I have to use generalities here, but, for example, yesterday I had x clicks and got z * x cents. Today, so far I've had y clicks and received 4z * y cents.

Steve said...

Shaun, I haven't looked at this, but do you know if there is some minimum you have to get before they send you a check? I went over to my account and noticed since the day I started until now, I have accumulated a whopping $10 worth of revenue, but have never received anything from them (this is $10 TOTAL - not just this past month).

Shaun said...

You need to accumlate a $100 minimum before they pay you.

Steve said...

Coo. Thanks for the info, Shaun. Guess I'll be waiting a while for a check at my current rate. :-/

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