Friday, June 17, 2005

Cabinet Update

I ran over to the house at lunch today to check it out. The kitchen cabinets are in on the bottom. A couple of them still need doors attached and the drawers need to be put in. The uppers are still not in and the countertops are not in. The bathroom vanities are also not in. There is a trailer in the driveway filled with the old cabinets, toilets, and other stuff waiting to get hauled away. I called Joe again and asked how everything could be done on the weekend. He said he is personally making the adjustments on some cabinets (they didn't fit right before), and once that is done, they just hang up real quick. He also said the vanities just drop in too, so they don't take long to install. He tells me if I show up there at 6 AM on Monday, everything will be done. We shall see.

I did notice my handyman got the new flooring and toilets installed in the bathrooms. I haven't heard from him yet, so I need to call him and find out what I owe him.


Jonathan said...

I can't wait until interest rates rise, housing prices flatten, and I can buy a house in a market where contractors actually have to have good references to get business. After mentioning your story to others, I've been hit with many similar ones. Some can't even get a bid for an installation! I need to start installing cabinets or something...

Scott said...

I parallel the real estate business right now with the tech industry of 99 and 2000. It took a major market shakeup to clean the IT house back then. It was nice to see some so called "IT Professionals" have to go back to what they knew best - flipping burgers and upsizing your combo meal.

Contractors have it great right now, but that will change for some. I think the ones that are running their businesses good now, will be great in the future. However, contractors like the one Shaun has to work with will be long gone when business slows down -- Back to working for builders or picking up trash on the side of the highway.

What comes around goes around...

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