Friday, June 17, 2005

Looks Like Saturday Will Be The Day

I spoke with Joe The Cabinet Guy today. He tells me he is quitting the company he works for because they are so bad, but he promised me though that he would get my job finished first. He said it wouldn't be today, but it would be tomorrow because he's not coming back on Monday. He said the company still hasn't come and hauled away the trailer of trash (old cabinets and toilets) that he loaded up. So we hung up and a few minutes later he called me said and said: "I'm not going to say I love you because that's not socially acceptable, but I do appreciate all your patience." I informed him my patience was about to run out. Anyway, I just thought that was an interesting thing to say.

I'm going to swing by the place this afternoon at lunch and see what it looks like now. I'm a bit worried because if he doesn't get this done, I'm kinda screwed.


Trisha#1 said...

Either way, PLEASE tell me you're going to file a complaint with the BBB against this company. I feel awful for all you've been through with this. Hopefully, your complaint will keep others from experiencing the same.

Shaun said...

Oh yeah, I will. But I don't have as much faith in the BBB as I used to. Their organization is supported by the members. In other words, the people they are supposed to be policing are the ones who pay their bills. And they have no real authority to do anything, whether the company is a member of the BBB or not. In short, I feel it's good to file complaints with them, but I do so only for the education of others, not with an expectation of them getting anything resolved. What's better, I have found, is to file a complaint with the state licensing agency the company is licensed with, if any.

savvy saver said...

That comment he made about loving you is weird. I think I would be uncomfortable with it considering the context.

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