Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Free Trailer!

If anyone wants a free trailer, leave a comment here and I'll email you details. Here's the ad I posted to craigslist:

A contractor I was using to do some rehab work has fled, taking my money and leaving the job unfinished. He also left a trailer behind. I have been unable to contact him for a month and the city's abandoned property department tells me the trailer is mine to do what I want with. So, I'm giving it away! My only stipulation is that you also take away the trash that is loaded on it - mainly old kitchen cabinets and two toilets. The trailer is approximately 6 feet wide by 10 feet long. It has two axles but there are only wheels on one. The tires are inflated. I don't know if the tail lights work. It's a bit rusty, but seems to be in good shape. Email me for details on picking it up.

UPDATE 6/30/05: The trailer is no longer available.


Shaun said...

Holy cow.. Less than 10 minutes after I posted the ad to craigslist and I've got 23 responses. Looks like this thing will be gone soon!

Steve said...

No doubt Shaun. If you lived in my vicinity, I would have taken it. Trailers like that run around $500-$1,000. No wonder you got a lot of hits!

misteropus said...

Maybe I should do the same for my Hobie Cat 14 and trailer which are still sitting in Queencreek, AZ. I have given up on bringing it up to Oregon.

Shaun said...

Well, I took this comment down while the ad was up on craigslist, but I'll put it back up now. I thought about selling it, but that would mean I'd have to go out to the house again to met someone to get the money. And if someone was paying, they might want me to sign over the title. Since this is an abandoned vehicle, I obviously don't have the title. So selling it was a potential can of worms I didn't want to open.

Misteropus - where are the Food Reports???

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