Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Countertop Installer Called

I spoke with the countertop installer today and he's going to check the place out on Saturday. I asked if he would still be able to get the job done by the 15th, like the cabinet guy told me, and he says he thinks so. Apparently, it's just a one day job. He might be able to install sinks and plumbing at the bathroom vanities as well, but he's not sure. He said if he could get it done in one day, he would like to, since he likes the extra money, but he's not sure until he sees the job. So I'm going to plan on him not installing them.


Trisha#1 said...

Hmmm, you sound like a guy who's been burned. LOL, just kidding!

I have a good feeling about this new cabinet guy. But, we'll all feel much better once those damned cabinets are finally in!

Cryptobadger said...

I've got to tell you Shaun, I've been lurking here on your blog for months now. And I'll be straight with you:

I think your experiences have given me an ulcer.

I fully sympathize with your fight to get this house finished. You're made of tougher stuff than I. I'd probably thrown my hands in the air and hid in a corner by now, mumbling and batting at invisible elves.

This is an amazing blog, and I think it's a great reality check for the "REI is a foolproof investment" mindset out there. Your work is proof that there's a lot of literal blood, sweat, and tears involved.

You're doing great, and you're in the home stretch (for this deal, at least)! We're rooting for you.

Now to line up my own deals...

Shaun said...

Yeah, it can be frustrating, and this does show REI isn't always a piece of cake. Anytime you have to deal with people, you're gonna get situations like this, whether those people are contractors or tenants. Besides, the elves are my friends :-)

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