Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Cashflow Day!

Yesterday, I received a check for almost $1,450 from another one of the foreclosure investing LLCs I am in. Over the past year, this LLC is returning about 31% and the annualized ROI for the 18 months I've been in it is around 22%. Not too bad. This money is being turned right around and reinvested with the same people. If you recall, my goal was to get into 6 of these ventures so that I will be receiving a check each month. This latest one, assuming I get in (and I haven't gotten confirmation yet), will make four.

In reading the first post I linked to above, I realized that my cashflow from the Indian casino has dried up. Apparently they discovered I was simply redeeming the $5 coupons and never playing, so they stopped sending me the newsletter. Either that or they stopped the newsletter for the summer, which might be possible since so many people leave town for the summer months. These "snowbirds," as we call them, are probably the casino's main target audience. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.


Trisha#1 said...

I have to giggle a bit about you and those $5 coupons. I can just picture you going in to redeem them! But, that's a nice check you received there from the LLC!

Steve said...

Congrats Shaun! Diversification of assets is crucial, and it appears you're definately doing it right.

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