Friday, April 22, 2005

Yesterday Was Cashflow Day!

Yesterday, I received another check from one of the foreclosure investing LLCs I am a member of. This time, the check was for $950 and it was the fifth of 6 semi-annual payments before this particular LLC closes, per the terms of its Articles Of Incorporation. My total return from the investment so far has been 43%, with an annualized return of 17.5%. Unfortunately, this money was already spent on a new ottoman we got a couple weeks ago, so I can't reinvest it, but it's still a welcome sight!

Does the following count as cashflow: There is an Indian casino I pass each day on the way to and from work. I went there once and joined their players club. Now, I get a newsletter from them each month. On the last page of the newsletter, there are always three coupons, each valid for a different one-third of the month. The coupons say "$5 free slot coin when you purchase $10 in slot coin." Well, I went to redeem one and what they actually do is give you a voucher at the player's club desk that you then take to the cashier's cage. The voucher says "free $5 offer. No purchase necessary." When you give it to the cashier, they give you a $5 bill. So lately, I've been taking the coupon in, getting my $5, and leaving. I pick up an extra $15 a month for free. So, technically, it's another source of cashflow for me :-)


Steve said...

Hey, as long as the membership is free (or, at least, less than $15/mo), I'd call it cashflow. I recall the Discover credit card used to have an offer where they give you $10 or $20 FREE for joining. Not sure if the short-term FICO hit was worth the FREE $10/$20, though. Plus, it was only a one-time deal. I also heard recently that most "wealthy" Americans cut coupons, while poor people don't. I know my wife and I are always getting the scissors out Sunday mornings when the grocery coupon circular is published. We usually save about $8 on average, with the high being something like $30. Hey, it pays for a few gallons of gas!

Anonymous said...

hey shaun,

wanted to talk to you more about the foreclosure clubs. i was working on one with my friend but it fell through. i have some extra cash and want to put it somewhere. can you email me so we can talk more.

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