Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cabinet Update

Just got a call from the cabinet installer. The old cabinets and counter tops will start being removed on Saturday. Monday will be the remainder of the removal and then some prep work. Tuesday, the new cabinets and countertops will be installed. That's one day behind schedule, but not too bad.


the wife said...

hello shaun! i just wanted to take a minute to let you know how proud i am of you. all your research and hard work really shows - both in your blog and in what you've done for our cashflow. i know it hasn't been easy to keep on top of all this AND be a fantastic father, but you've managed to excel at both. so here's a little blog pat-on-the-back!

- your loving wife and partner in all-thing-nerdy!

Steve said...

Hi shaun's wife. Any chance you could call my wife and tell her that things will get better in this venture? :-)

Shaun - Sounds like you've already accumulated the greatest "riches" in life. Keep up the good work - your persistence is an inspiration for those of us on the outside, too!

Chris said...

Shaun, just found your blog today, and I couldn't stop reading. Excellent stuff. Inspiring. I had no intention of posting until I read your wife's comment. Congratulations, well done.

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