Thursday, April 07, 2005

Here Come The Deals!

Last November, I wrote about the increase in foreclosures that I believed was coming down the line and how this represents an upcoming investment opportunity. Sure enough, on today, this story appeared: Home foreclosure listings surged in March. I happen to think the analyst interviewed at the end of the article is all wet and that this is the start of a trend, especially if the Fed keeps raising rates, which it seems like they will.

On another note, I heard from my handyman this morning. He still has some work left to do and he's having trouble painting some of the doors. One door has 8 coats of paint and the old varnish still is showing through. I originally suggested he replace the doors instead of repainting, but oh well. He apologized for taking longer than he said he would take, but I knew his time estimate was over-optimistic and, based on past experience, I knew he'd run longer. I'm not too concerned though, because I'm still waiting for the cabinets to be replaced and that will be another week or two, so his delay is not keeping me from listing the property. And the carpet actually was completely installed yesterday. Apparently the power came back on while the installers were still there, so they did not need to make a return trip today. And my handyman noted that the house smells much better now :-)

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