Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Marketing Postcards

In my post How To Get Started In REI For Under $400, step 10 talks about creating postcards to mail out to preforeclosure leads. Many people were having problems with the links to view my sample postcards, so I have uploaded the pictures here.

Front of postcard

Back of Postcard for Foreclosures

I should point out that preforeclosures are not the only source of motivated sellers. People going through divorces, probates, legal problems, etc. may also have motivation to sell quickly. I use this image to send to those people.

Back of Postcard for All Hardships


Melanie Wilke said...


I'm a pretty avid reader of your blog (though I rarely post!) I would have emailed this to you instead of commenting... but I couldn't find out where to do that.

I have to be honest - it's awesome that you posted these for everyone to see but in terms of looks they're a little... well, let's say some tweaks might generate more responses.

I'm a graphic artist (email me and I'll tell you who for, because I know you know the company very well!!). Postcards are a lot of what I do - and I know how hard it is to just get someone to pick the damn thing up out of their junk mail.

I really, really appreciate the time to you take to teach us all through your experience - you certainly don't have to!

I'm launching my own firm and I'm looking to create a few really great 'case studies' with friends and acquaintances to show to future clients. I would really, really love to take a crack at your design - free, of course (although a glowing testimonial would be nice, if you like it).

I hope this doesn't sound spammy or anything. I love your blog and I'd really just like to help out!

you can email me at if you'd like - I can't wait to hear from you!

Ed said...

Do you have a publisher or word copy of these. I'm trying to figure out how to mail merge onto the images that you have.


Shaun said...

I have a Word template and the addresses are stored in an Access database. I do a mail merge is Word and print the things out. I'd rather not give out my template, but it's fairly easy to create.

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