Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's All Behind Schedule

So here it is, Saturday. The handyman was supposed to be done yesterday (actually, he was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago, but the latest deadline was yesterday) and the new cabinets and countertops were supposed to be in Tuesday. I got a call from the handyman today and he said he's still out there and should be done today. He said he got the paint off the tile in the bathrooms, so that's good. However, he also said the cabinets were not in. The old ones have been removed, but the new ones aren't there yet.

I called the cabinet guy and he tells me the cabinet makers are 10 days behind. Supposedly, they called me to let me know, but I never got a message. He said they will be done on Wednesday and he would personally call me to give me an update. (His office help is horrible and he has acknowledged this to be in the past.) He also said they couldn't salvage the new kitchen sink the handyman put in because it was glued in. Well, the quote for the counter tops and cabinets included a new sink anyway, so he was prepared to put a new one in. I'm just out the $35 or so for the sink the handyman put in. My contract with this guy does specify it will be completed in 10 days, so he's over that. I may be able to get a discount because of the delay. Actually, the guy is pretty nice and I wouldn't be surprised if he offered me a discount without my asking.

It would seem the house will go on the market by next weekend. The kitchen sink thing is a learning experience. I hadn't planned on replacing the cabinets until the handyman had already started his work, which included replacing the sink. In the future, I'll know the correct order to do things.


Andviv said...

Have you tried to get a "performance-based" contract with your contractors?

I tried it with the painters (if you finish by saturday you get $900, if you finish by sunday you get $800, and so on, loosing $100 every day they were late). It worked perfectly, and I ended paying extra $50 as they finished on friday, one day before they told me they would. I paid happily as I could show the property to three interested parties before the open house, but it also made learn the lesson: If they said it would take them three days, give them a dateline of four days and start charging penalties after that.

It did not work like that with the lawn and electrician, but at least I learn that it may work sometimes.

Trisha#1 said...


How much did you end up spending for new cabinets? I'm thinking of doing the same thing in one of my houses, but I have no idea what it would cost. I couldn't find that item in your older posts--I probably missed it.



Shaun said...

The cabinets were $1,900 plus tax. The total came out to be $2,100 or so. That included all new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen and two bathrooms and new sinks in all three places, but NOT new faucets. It also included taking out the old cabinets and the labor for the whole job. These were white composite cabinets. For $400 more, I could have had nice oak or walnut ones.

Trisha#1 said...

Wow, that's a good price, especially including the bathrooms and the countertops and sinks, too. I was thinking it would have been just above $3K. I think I will go ahead with the cabinet/sink/countertops replacement in that house. It's was built in 1976, and that stuff is all original. So, you can just imagine....

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