Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm Getting Fed Up With This

I called the cabinet guy on Wednesday to verify everything was still set for installation on Thursday. He told me it was. I get a call today from him saying they didn't install the cabinets yesterday because they did not have the lockbox code and couldn't get in. So he tells me he is going to the house today to make sure they can get in. Why didn't they call yesterday?

On the plus side, on Wednesday, I met with the handyman and went over his work. All was done and I paid him, so at least that part of the rehab is done.


Steve said...

I guess what they say is true about rehabs:

Things always cost twice as much and takes three times longer.

I'm learning it myself!

I know you are pressed for time, but whenever you get the chance, please post some "after" pictures (that is, after the cabinets go in).

Happy investing!

Shaun said...

It's not so much the cost. I just want it to be done so I can move on to the next deal. I don't have a mortgage, so it's not like I'm losing bunches of money each month. It's just that it's so close to being done and some stupid little thing always comes up that delays the finish. I hear Deal #2 calling me and I want to go get it!

Steve said...

Any resolution with the handyman? I know you were hoping he would take a hit since he was late. I guess with the cabinets being late, it really didn't make much of a difference anyway. I just can't wait to get to the point that I am worrying more about time than money. :-/

Shaun said...

I didn't push for anything, since I had to wait for the cabinets anyway and he did get the paint off the bathroom floors. He did tell me he underestimated the work involved with the job, which I suspected. (He did the same thing on my last property.) And I may have to have him back to fix something else, depending on the buyer's inspection.

Shaun said...

Actually, if there is anyone I should push for a discount, it's the cabinet installers. Our contract specifically said the work was to be done in 10 days. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and paid him 100% in advance. Doh! I just HATE learning experiences :-)

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