Monday, April 18, 2005

House 11 Should Be Listed This By Weekend!

I heard from the handyman this morning and he says he should be done with everything tomorrow. He apologized for the paint on the floors of the bathrooms and said he'd clean it up or replace the flooring. He's also going to try again with painting the doors and see if he can stop the varnish from bleeding through. He said he's got some primer product he wants to try.

I did not hear anything over the weekend from the cabinet installers, so I am assuming that went well and they are still on track for a Tuesday finish.

If everything stays on track, I'll head out there Wednesday and check everything out, possibly do some light clean up, then give my agent a call to list the place in time for the weekend!


Melanie said...

If you don't already - you should consider listing it on - it's free and there's a different sort of market there.


Steve said...

Congrats Shaun! I plan to close on my property this Friday, and start the minor repair work Friday night. If all goes well, which it won't, I'll have the property ready to list by the following Monday. I already posted it on and about a week ago, even though I'm planning to just retail flip it. I figure if I get any takers with lease/options, I'll change my exit strategy. So far, though, I haven't gotten a single call.

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