Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Countertops Are Being Installed

I got hold of the cabinet guy when I got home last night and he and the countertop guy were able to connect and work things out. The bathroom vanities were ordered and are being picked up today. Keith, the cabinet guy, will install those. He also picked up some sinks, so it turns out I won't have to get those elsewhere. Then the countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen will be installed today. Keith won't be able to finish the kitchen until next week due to previous commitments, but he thinks he will be done by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I also pointed out to Keith that I haven't received a quote yet for this work :-) He said he forgot, and will get one to me today. When I spoke with him, he didn't even have a price on the vanities - he ordered them before he left on vacation, knowing he needed them, but never got a price. Anyway, he assures me he'll give me a fair price for the job. He said he is a professional and expects to be paid like one, but he's not going to charge me extra just because he knows I'm in a tight spot right now and need the work done. He said in the long run, he can make more money being fair than by trying to gouge people here and there. He estimated a day and a half of his labor, plus parts. I must say I really like the guy so far.

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