Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Delayed Again

Apparently, this house was not meant to be sold quickly. Everything I have attempted to do with it has been delayed.

Escrow was supposed to close today and this morning, I called the escrow officer. She said the buyer's lender had spoken with her and told her she would have the docs "very soon." The day went by and I got a call from her this afternoon at 5:00 PM. She still didn't have the docs. The lender said she would have them tomorrow. This is the same thing he told us Friday.

So I called my agent and let her know my displeasure. She called the buyer's agent and got her voicemail, so she left a message indicating that I wasn't happy. We're going to give them one more day only, and I am not going to sign another extension. If the loan doesn't fund tomorrow, the house goes back on the market and the buyer loses his $2,000 earnest money deposit. (I'm glad we made the deposit non-refundable after the inspection period ended.) Based on this, I expect to hear something from the buyer fairly early in the morning.


Brad said...

That's an excellent play on your part I think - in your market you can afford to do such things. Apply the pressure and watch them squirm. ;-)

Trisha#1 said...

Hey, good for you! You might end up with an extra $2K!

Bginvestor said...


Delays like these are because someone is dropping the ball. Your realtor and the buyer's realtor should have made sure that the lender is making the deadlines..

Good luck!

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