Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Rat Race Job

I accepted a job offer today at a new company and gave my two weeks notice to my current employer. I'm still in the rat race, but at least I'll be making a bit more money and have better benefits - plus the coolness factor will greatly increase since I'll be working at a company that makes video games. The raise will allow me to save more towards passive income investments, which puts me one step closer to leaving the rat race. It will be very tempting to spend the extra income (especially considering salaries at my current company have been frozen since I was hired almost 5 years ago), but I'm confident I can keep the spending under control. What the new job will mean, however, is less time available to research new properties. I'm currently lucky in that I have a fair amount of "free time" at my current job to do research. That will change. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to close escrow on my current property about 10 days before I start my new job, so just when I'll be ready to look for another property, I'll not have much time to do so. Any Phoenix area birddogs out there?


Steve said...

Congratulations, Shaun. I like you look at this new opportunity through investor glasses and not just as another step up the (endless) corporate ladder. I figure with your tenacity, you'll be escaping the rat race even faster now.

savvy saver said...

Good for you! Good luck with the new job.


Savvy Saver

Anonymous said...

Shaun! Way to go! Congrats on the new position and good thing you're keeping your focus on leaving the rate race.

Someone told me once that REI is only the vehicle you use to get to your goals. Most people say "I'm a REI because I want to be rich" then you dig deeper and what they really want is to have more free time for something (like their kids or charities).

"D"igital Breakfast

Trisha#1 said...

That sounds like a cool company to work for, Shaun! There was a gaming company here in town called 2015 (Medal of Honor). I heard they shut down after the game did so well, they gave each of the developers $1.5 million (profit sharing), after which they all walked off the job. Well, my point is, there's money to be made in that industry!

misteropus said...

Congrats! Will you get to program games for the forthcoming Playstation 3?

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